Policy advice & Consulting for Sustainable Energy supply and Management

ENCO Energie-Consulting AG provides advice to policy-makers, utilities, private sector and end-user groups for the successful design and implementation of sustainable energy policies. With a particular focus on municipal energy and climate management and renewable energy, in particular wind power. ENCO draws from 25 years of experience (and specific national initiatives, such as “Energy Cities/ Energiestadt/ European Energy Award,” "Smart Cities Switzerland," “Swiss Eole,” and "Acceptance of Renewable Energy Technologies”) to support sustainable energy policy and management in Switzerland and international co-operation.

Competence and Experience

Since 1982 our employees have been active in the design and implementation of innovative energy and climate policies. Our team is highly interdisciplinary and offers a wide range of customised solutions for public authorities, especially local governments, and private sector organisations.
We provide creative ideas, expert knowledge and innovative – technical and policy – solutions, tailored to the needs of our national and international partners, for efficient energy management or the promo-tion of renewable energy. We facilitate the development of networks, to support knowledge-exchange between cities, experts and national authorities, we design new concepts and support their implementation – and adjustments to new international contexts. Thus we support municipalities in the preparation of energy concepts, strategies and energy planning, and strengthen their capacity to access the Energiestadt/ European Energy Award quality-management and certification process. Based on our practical experience and thanks to our proximity with implementers, we stand for a holistic but practice and policy-oriented consultancy.

Networking and transfer of knowledge

Our approach is holistic and inter-disciplinary; and our strength is a deep and solid understanding of the policy landscape, providing us with the ability to connect and facilitate the cooperation of key stakeholders from different sectors and policy-levels: We engage in a continuous dialogue with federal offices, regional authorities, municipalities and communities, with research institutions, utilities, environmental organisations and technical experts. For our mandates and projects we draw from specialised expertise, facilitate exchange of experience, and develop professional networks for the effective dissemination of knowledge and innovation. For our networks (e.g. Swiss Energy Cities Association, Swiss Eole, Smart City Switzerland), we develop and provide access to knowledge and facilitate its use in practice. We work with Swiss federal research programmes and launch practical research projects in municipalities. Through our executive mandatesof the board of trustees of “Energiestadt“ (European Energy Award in Switzerland) and of „Suisse Eole“ (Swiss Association for the Promotion of Wind Energy) we are indeed well positioned to mainstream and institutionalise sustainable energy management in public policy, and to facilitate key stakeholders’ access to innovative knowledge and instruments.

Pioneering Spirit and Innovation

The energy and climate policies are dynamic areas. Technological development and new research and practical knowledge require the tracking of new trends and to inspire our partners for new ideas. ENCO has actively co-operated on the development of the title "Energy City". To the current projects belong "Smart Cities" and further education projects, amongst others together with Universities of Applied Sciences. ENCO is also engaged in different European countries and China: "Sustainable Urban Planning" and "Low Carbon City" or site developments with the aim of the 2000 Watt Society belong, for example, to the concepts which are also awakening interest in Asia or South America. Besides this, we have collaborated on the development of wind energy in Switzerland, resulting amongst others in the association "Suisse Eole". Based on the debates on wind energy in Switzerland we could spread the international exchange of experience for the acceptance of wind energy.

Cleantech for Global Markets

"Cleantech" brings the increasing requirements for goods and services in harmony with the finite supply of natural resources and the need to protect the environment. "Cleantech" unites ecological and economic aspects of sustainable economies and thereby leads to environmentally friendly sustainable economic growth.
ENCO Energie-Consulting AG offers professional competence for the implementation of "Cleantech" services and products in the field of communal energy and climate policies, energy concepts and supply, renewable energy, mobility and joint development work.

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